*WEEKEND PASS* Instagram Takeover


Want to share your corner of the world? Take us along for the ride as you give the LLYT community a local's perspective! Global neighbors such as yourself, who embody the live like you're traveling lifestyle will be featured on our account over the weekend. So let's get started...!


Starter Ideas

1 - Travel your backyard 
Ex. solo adventuring in nature, a journey leading up to a unique hideaway or places near home that make you feel like you’re in another world, photo safari, sunset chasing, discovering unexpected treasures from your city or town

2 - Creative Insider's view 
Ex. is there someone you could learn something from and show us the insider process? woodworking, cooking, something creative...

3 - Take us to an Event
Ex. any cultural or fun events that you could explore and show us the sights, sounds, tastes etc.?

4 - Special access or behind the scenes 
Ex. could be any of the ideas above, but is there something you can get special access to like a friend’s rooftop, vacation home, chef’s kitchen, painter’s studio, fashion show, family business  etc… that could give us a behind the scenes look or connection to people?

Additional Live Like You're Traveling Concepts...
• Adopting inspired traditions and rituals of other cultures  
• Savoring the moment, slowing down
• Connecting with Nature and being active in novel ways
• Stimulating your sense of curiosity
• Exploring outside of your comfort zone
• Serendipitous connections with people

Your Chance to Be Featured

Introduction as one of our featured Global Neighbors 
(Photo Credit, Instagram Link back) 

• 5-6 takeover images across a weekend
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• Weekend Pass blog post summarizing your takeover
(Photo Credits, Website & Insta Link Back)

Please Submit

6 Takeover Images + Captions + Tagging Details  
Please use this template ] 

• 1-2 Intro photos of yourself

Prior to the weekend of your takeover, we will send final details.