Something irreversible happens when you travel. 
A new layer of understanding of yourself and the universe is revealed and you can't go back to your previous existence. Instead, you're left with a thirst for further discovery! Uncovering something new is easy when traveling to exotic lands. But unearthing new mysteries of the world becomes a challenge in a place that is familiar and routine. 

It's time for you to feel open, curious and alive...everyday!
Learn how to apply the traveler's mindset and explore over 300 everyday ideas that help you design a life you love. 


Mu-Hsien Hsieh Lee
Creative & Editorial - Chicago
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Started by two long-time friends and wanderlust companions., we are passionate about helping travel and culture-lovers design a life they love. We combine our experience in the wellness, design, research, global business development, and a lifetime of traveling to help people maintain that illusive travel-high...everyday.

Alla Feldman
Business Development & Editorial - Amsterdam
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