*Weekend Pass* to Creating Your Own Sanctuary in Spring Green, WI with Wilson Creek Pottery

by Mu-Hsien Hsieh Lee in ,

This weekend, @wilsoncreekpottery takes us on a ride through the midwestern countryside! ️They left the Windy City and set off for greener pastures to make and create pieces that would deliver the morning's first sips of tea or complement the laughter and liveliness of friends sharing a home cooked meal. 

Meet your global neighbors, Shannon and Ash! 

• • •

This is summer lunch around here. Get outside, grab from the garden and eat something good for ya.

But most of all, take a break! Enjoy the food, the view and each other. Global or local neighbors, all are welcome here. Our country sensei (a local who makes us laugh and fixes just about anything) dropped by right as we were fixing plates. Luckily, there's always room at our table. 

A little welcome package for our Airbnb guests. Since we can't always get away to travel, we bring the travelers to us.

We love to share this place with friends and family so we recently extended the invitation to the world!  

Mildred (our pup) and I have been getting up early lately to take on the trees for some #forestbathing before we get our days started.

Turns out it's the best way to start a day. This trail is about a mile from the house. We recently discovered it and finding more, like that forest coral, on every hike. 

Working, making, doing. That's what we are up to in between breaks.

Took a big leap purchasing this pottery business and jumping into the life we dreamed. We've got the hang of it (mostly) and love all it has brought us - working with our hands, being a part of a real and generous community, and exploring new corners of ourselves and the world. Thanks for coming along for the ride and here's to our paths crossing some day!  

~ Your country lovin neighbors, Shannon & Ash of Wilson Creek Pottery

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