*Weekend Pass* to Travel Your Backyard in Northern Michigan with Laura of Travel by Surprise!

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We have a special treat for you this weekend! For the lucky girlfriends of Laura @travelbysurprise... SURPRISE!!...a fall getaway through Northern Michigan's wine country! Come along for hidden gems and weekend escape ideas to #travelyourbackyard.

Meet your adventure planning neighbor, Laura! 


Hello, friends! We plan custom travel experiences, with a catch: the destination is a surprise.

This weekend, join my girlfriends and me on a surprise getaway through Northern Michigan’s wine country. What better way to transition from the workaday grind to a luxurious slow-down of a weekend than by taking the time to watch the sunset? 

Mission Table , Michigan

Mission Table, Michigan

When was the last time that you had a sleepover with your friends?

Trade your hair-braiding in a friend’s basement for wine and heartfelt conversations in unfamiliar surroundings. This gorgeous farmhouse by Honor and Folly (Detroit) was the perfect place to inspire honest and beautiful connection.

Honor & Folly  Boutique Inn, Detroit Michigan

Honor & Folly Boutique Inn, Detroit Michigan

Enjoy breakfast al fresco!

After cooking together, find a spot outside and let the morning sun and fragrant coffee warm you from the crisp autumn air. Windmill and orchard backdrops don’t hurt, either. 

A poetry reading can be a lovely way to live like you’re traveling.

Poetry and travel have a lot in common: they both ask us to slow down, to change the way that we experience the world around us, and to involve all of our senses at once. Reading aloud is a lost art.

Northern Michigan is known for its vineyards.

Wine tasting is such a fun way to get to know a place through the sense of taste! We sipped and savored Pinot Noir, Cab Franc, and Reisling at Bry’s Estate, all while taking in amazing views of the Bay. Michigan’s finest, all around. Thanks for joining us! It was so fun to have you along on our surprise girls’ getaway, and to share our tip of the mitten with you! 

~ Your adventure-planning neighbor, Laura of @travelbysurprise

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