MOVE: Monday Morning

by Alla Feldman

I am making new year resolutions early this year. And one of them is to blog daily. Quite honestly I missed blogging. Having had a personal blog since good'ol 2005, it was a great way to reflect on the day, gather thoughts, "pin" inspiration, and dream a bit! I miss it. Live Like You're Traveling blog has always been more of a community board to highlight all of you good neighbors and be inspired to design a life we love, but I feel there needs to also be space to share our own personal journeys. We are not only the "cheerleaders" but we are also striving to LLYT daily! And this is what I would love to start sharing in hopes that just like you all inspire us, perhaps we can also personally join in inspiring you.

Perhaps tomorrow I will talk about a brand new project I've been working on for the past few months, the reason for starting it is very personal, as well as how it fits into my journey to Live Like I'm Traveling... So cheers, here is to early new year resolutions! 

Photo is of this morning's balmy walk. I love to start my Monday morning with MOVE element of a brisk walk to clear the mind before diving into the work week! See you tomorrow!