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Here at *LLYT* we share ideas and stories that promote a lifestyle that is inspired by the insights we learn while traveling, and our discoveries of people and places that influence us for the better. We'd love to have you join our global community and share your expertise or unique point of view with your global neighbors. We look forward to learning how travel has influenced your unique path as well as highlighting your passions.


Choose a Series

"Create a Lifestyle You Love" - A lot of times when we travel we sample a way of life and we say, "I want to live this way!" In this series we'd love to hear from you if you were able to create and live the lifestyle you love. Did you have to make a career change? Move to another country? Or simply change your perspective and tweek your schedule? We'd love to hear from you. 

"Take Us To Lunch" - As a global neighbor, you'll introduce us to an interesting place to eat in your city, or a place you have come accross in your travels. After all, how we eat reveals a lot about a culture. Why did you love this place? What made eating there special? While you "take us to lunch" virtually, (unless you live in Amsterdam or Chicago), and we'll chat about you and your passion project(s)!

"Love Without Borders" - We don't choose who we meet, and sometimes those we meet reside in another continent! In this series we celebrate your journey and adventures in daring to pursue overseas romances and learn about the the beauty and quirks of bringing together totally unique cultures. What have you learned and what advice would you share?  We'd love to hear your story!

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