300+ Ideas to Feed Your Curiosity for the World!

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Create Your Global Kitchen

Whether the adventure is in the kitchen or on a mountain, get outside of your comfort zone, because everyday is a "once in a lifetime chance." So what will be your next culinary first? What recent travels have inspired you?Stock your global pantry with new and exotic ingredients, discover ways to prepare foods with a cultural twist. Get the tools to be prepared to go on new culinary adventures everyday. Yes!...even on a Tuesday night.

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Feed Your Curiosity for the World

Get inspired from our global neighbors! Let the stories behind the traditions of foreign people and places invigorate and add meaning to your own. Develop rituals of cooking that cultivate physical and spirtual nourishment. From the ingredients to how they're prepared, every meal's an opportunity to express a unique view and what matters most to you and your family.  

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Celebrate One Another

When traveling, few things unite people like a great meal prepared and shared together. Walls come down, and we find ourselves more open...despite the differences, we find familiarity in shared struggles and what makes us laugh.Make old friends mingle with new ones. Make excuses to have face-to-face rendevous and everyday is a good day to celebrate!

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Take Us to Lunch { Series }

When visiting friends, we find that spending the day with them just doing what they would normally do on a regular day is often times the best way to soak in culture of a new place. So in our "Take Us to Lunch" series, each global neighbor invites us on a lunch date with them to their local haunts...and along the way we get to discover what's to love about their town, and what inspires them to create a lifestyle they love.

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