300+ Ideas to Indulge & Soak in Every Moment!

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Wherever You Go, Be Fully There

Sure, not every trip involves spas and massages outdoors (although they should!) but due to the scheduled down time, we actually allow ourselves to choose activities that help us to relax and enjoy the moment. It takes a realization that relaxing is a purposeful activity! Get ready to prepare your own rituals and activites that bring you greater self-awareness.  

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Look to Nature

Look to nature for nourishment and beauty.  Borrow the beauty secrets from various cultures to add to your beauty bar. Develop rituals that cultivate physical and spirtual nourishment, layered with a multi-sensory environment and organic ingredients. Prepare your home spa so that you're able to channel Paris or Bali at a moment's notice.  

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Love Without Borders { Series }

We don't choose who we meet, and sometimes those we meet reside in another continent! In this series we celebrate the journey and adventures of our courageous global neighbors, who dared to pursue overseas romances and learn about the the beauty and quirks of bringing together totally unique cultures. 

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Step Out of Your { Beauty } Box

Push yourself with an adventurous spirit. Embrace chances to step out of your beauty box every now and then. Discover ideas, tools and services that help you explore new facets of your style, keeping it fresh, while still being *you*

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