*OTSP* Manifesto

Meet and be inspired by Global Neighbors to live at our fullest potential. To live like the YOU, when you're traveling. Open, curious and full of adventure.

What is like when we're traveling?


  1. We are super curious and celebrate different. - Well that's why we're traveling right? We want to soak up a new language, discover amazing food you won't get elsewhere or shop in the streets of an inspiring locale.. even see what it feels like to be a local. Challenge the Norm - We celebrate breaking preconceived notions or expectations. Our friendship is an example that to be close to someone you don't have to live next door to them, or even the same country! Anything is possible and we strive to make life custom to who we are.---> But why is that important? Why is it important to us to learn from other cultures? 

  2. We are present and experience things with "New" eyes. We see the beauty and good in all things. -Whether it's in places or people... Life is too precious of a gift to waste not spend it in awe and gratitude and building each other up. Even an alleyway can draw our attention. Sunrises on the beach that don't require conversation. -->

  3. Live at our fullest potential. We take risks and ready for an adventure. We take on an "anything can happen" mentality, where tomorrow only brings more opportunities. We take advantage of opportunities we don't expect to have at home (waterfall rapelling, exploring cenotes, meeting people) conquering my downfalls, releasing judgement, breaking down self-made barriers that keep us small.

  4. We pamper ourselves. Sure, not every trip involves spas and massages outdoors (although they should!) but due to the scheduled down time, we actually allow ourselves to choose activities that help us to relax and enjoy the moment. We innatetly connect with the fact that when you're relaxed and smiling, you're gorgeous! We pay attention to ourselves...vacation hair, that dress, --> What special attention do you pay to your body, mind, spirit? 


  6.  Cultivate connections and innate passions. - Everyone is a possible friend when we visit, and find ourselves open to the neighbors sitting right next to us. We even get to the "good stuff" more quickly. We take chances and open ourselves up.

    It's the stuff that we naturally research or share with friends everyday to improve our relationships, make our money and time work harder for us, or inspire us to be creative in all that we do. We aim to create a space that allows for a meaningful exchange of ideas and support.

  7. Care to look our best. take care of ourselves. We think about doing active things, working out, details (nail polish)  



  • Delight your senses (create multi-sensory experiences)

  • Connect & Speak from the heart

  • Light a fire for action