300+ Ideas to Weave the Exotic into Your Everyday!

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Dolce-vita-fy - { Inside }

Dolcevitafy : To make the ordinary, extraordinary..."The Sweet Life," is a way of living that is full of pleasures and we find that everyday deserves a bit of indulgence! Similar to how you carefully plot out the best views of a trip overlooking the sunrise, or at the top of a ruin...every nook in your home is an opportunity to elevate ordinary moments by delighting the senses, drawing from your rich cultural and travel experiences, to create a vibrant home full of joy and traditions that are uniquely yours.

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Create Your Happy Place - { Outside }

Create your own *happy place* in your outdoor space and go there often! Channel the lavender fields of France in your garden beds, cozy up with friends and family in your mediteranean inspired patio, or sip coffee on your balcony taking you back to that one time in Paris. Find yourself "back" in all of  your favorite places and moments, right in your own home.

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Make it a Tradition, to Create New Traditions

Let the stories behind the traditions of foreign cultures and places inspire, invigorate and add meaning to your own. As you continue to build your home base, experiment with new traditions to build upon your own. The opporrtunities to connect through meaningful rituals are endless.

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