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When we travel we are constantly discovering, learning, trying new foods, new sports, connecting with new people, having new experiences and also re-discovering your own culture. It only takes some effort to create opportunities to be surprised, to be brave, to be funny and friendly, to create new traditions but you can do it right in your own town. "Live Like You're Traveling" monthly challenges are about creating exactly these kinds of opportunities. We want to inspire you (and ourselves) to continue exploring the world even between our travels.  taking more risks. Somehow when we come home, we forget to continue to do this. We stick to the routine and dream of the next trip when again we can be our best selves... It doesn't have be this way, and magic shouldn't stop when you get off the plane at your home airport. You can be the 'travel you' right at home. All it take is some practice living with a travel mindset. It is about seeing the beauty around you with a fresh pair of eyes, as if you're seeing it for the first time. It is about going for it as if you just have a once in a life time chance. It's about not only being curious about the world and your global neighbors but 



1 - Every month we'll post a challenge. 
The challenge will be more of a theme and therefore can easily be interpreted to fit YOUR own particular goal. In the challenge post we'll come up with a few ideas on how to approach, but the rest is completely up to you and your imagination. You can participate by sharing your updates and research, asking a question and connecting with like minded global neighbors via the comment section on the blog, on the Facebook page, or via tags on Instagram. 

2 - Throughout the month we will be sharing ideas via social media where we hope you'll join and share yours too!  
Of course the challenges don't expire at the end of the month, they're simply a springboard to your imagination, and a way to practice living with a travel mindset.  

Are you an expert, vendor or blogger who is very knowledgeable on the subject area of a challenge?

We'd love to have you join our global village and share your expertise with your global neighbors.  Find out how you can contribute to our monthly challenges. - (Contact Us)