*Weekend Pass* to Saying YES in Anguilla with Mu-Hsien of Live Like You're Traveling

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Hello neighbors! @mu_hsien, one of the founders here at LLYT...and for our very first *Weekend Pass* ~ I’ll be sharing more on the camaraderie and serendipity experienced while exploring with a team of travel writers to #CaptureAnguilla.

meet some new neighbors and let’s keep the magic going! 

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More beautiful than this view at Shoal Bay, was the trail of serendipitous moments that led our paths to each other.

Initially, some of the ladies were drawn to each other through collaborations on each other’s blogs. Other relationships were made through chance encounters during travels. As we continued to support each other digitally, a natural community formed. But I was curious, how would all of these virtual connections relate in person?

Beginning from the first round of hugs, it was like experiencing a photo come to life. I felt our hearts open as we connected to each other's dreams, quickly realizing that we were already bonded by our intent to inspire people to find *magic* in their lives. Needless to say, we were all excited to see where the trip would take us.

Photo Credit:  MUHSIEN INC  - Shoal Bay, Anguilla 

Photo Credit: MUHSIEN INC - Shoal Bay, Anguilla 

Travel has this funny way of building confidence. Often when you're prompted with unexpected opportunities... do you say yes?

One of our own, Rachel Rudwall, bravely accepted the challenge to take part in Anguilla’s Carnival Parade. By joining a troupe of locals, she got a chance to show off her moves while the rest of the group cheered her on! It was a great reminder, that intentionally putting yourself in situations where you need to think on your feet or try on new traditions is precisely one of the ways to #livelikeyouretraveling, a mindset that I can bring back home to energize my everyday life.

Photo credit:  Ayşegül

Photo credit: Ayşegül

I witnessed people shine while in their element, supported in doing what they are compelled to do. It's what happens when you find your tribe.

Kristen and Lacy just the kind of people who understand if you just need that extra second to take that shot... or to just step in as extra hands to help light your food while you share a meal by candle light. And when we weren’t in creative mode, we soaked in what Anguilla has to offer. Sunset sailing on Tradition Sailing's vintage wooden ship. Bursts of bioluminescence from below while low hanging constellations lit up the sky. Images that I hope will be forever embedded in my memory. 

Photo Credit:  CreatriceMondial   

Photo Credit: CreatriceMondial  

While the island is known for its laid back limin' culture, there are opportunities to challenge those looking for a more physical adventure

Anivillas set us on a trail to bike through surprisingly arid landscapes that led us to the limestone shore at Captain Bay. Succesfully navigating through sandy patches and seeing the island from a unique vantage point made our final reward to the hideaway spot that much sweeter.

Ohhhh...if we could just bottle this feeling!

It was through travel that my partner, Alla and I discovered what it's like to feel so open, curious and ALIVE...moments like this one, ending our Anguilla trip with these majestic creatures in the pristine waters of Cove Bay. 

Photo Credit:  Dining Traveler

Photo Credit: Dining Traveler

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