SAVOR: 5 Ways To Ring In The New Year To Feel Like Youre Traveling

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I love New Year's Eve. It's a magical moment when we get a chance to turn a brand new leaf, crisp, white, completely empty. We get a new chance to write our story anyway we want... Like Sarah Jessica Parker once said in an interview "In one year your life can change 180 degrees" about her success with "Sex and the city". 

Here are 5 ways to get into the right frame of mind to usher in a brand new year of possibilities: 

1. Water Ritual (NATURE)

Cleansing for the new year is centuries old tradition... In Russia for example it was popular to go to banya, steam away all the woes of the past year and get ready for the good things to come.  So go to a pool or sauna or simply in a nice hot bath. Mentally imagine yourself getting cleansed and ready for a brand new year.

2. Nature Walk (NATURE + MOVE)

our frosty walk yesterday...

our frosty walk yesterday...

Something about getting your circulation circulating to inpire yourself with new ideas for the next year.

3. Social Beat (CONNECT)

Just like church, where two or more are gathered there could be a party. There is nothing better then firing up the feelings of interconnectedness then witnessing an awe inspiring event together. (Clock striking 12.. awe inspiring don't you think?)

4. Awe Inspiring (All elements!)

If simple clock watching is not awe inspiring then do something that does get your heart pumping. Maybe a midnight hike to a mountain summit... Viewing northern lights, or a midnight swim... Awe inspiring sights relax us because there we are reminded that we are not the center of the universe. 

5. New Sensations (FLOW)

Try something brand new. Cook a dinner from a different culture. Wear something new. Get a new hairdo. Ring in the year experiencing something completely new.  

Now, for the overachievers among us... combine all FIVE! 

SAVOR: Weekend Away

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This morning we packed our bags and we are off for a New Year's Eve adventure! We are staying in the country but still the change up of scenery puts you in the right mindframe to do nothing but savor life! 

Frosty morning.

Frosty morning.

Just the road... 


EXPLORE: Part 1 - Discover Your Own Backyard

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One book that I can say really changed my life in a very direct way is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.  If you have not read it yet, I will try my very best not to give spoilers, but just stick to telling you the one big life lesson I learned from it and how it has since then affected my life's most important decisions.

I read "The Alchemist" one afternoon, in a single sitting, at a Barnes&Noble in California. It's a rather short book so I was going to read a few pages and then buy it to read later. Two hours later as I have finished reading the book, my life was changed for ever. 

You see earlier that year, I packed my suitcases and moved from New York to California. I wanted a certain job and envisioned a certain lifestyle. California seemed just the kind of place that would enable it. This was also in the time after September 11 attacks in New York City and I decided to just go for it and make my big dream come true. This was also during the time that I thought adventures can ONLY be had OUTSIDE wherever it is I lived. Surely they required brave action and plane tickets. So there I went to California, where grass was greener, the sun was brighter and the sea more sparkly. And guess what. It was! California was absolute beauty of a dream come true. It was all I have expected and I was simply in love with myself for making this dream happen for myself. I went jogging in the morning through the fields. I went to the beach. I went hiking, I made fun new friends. I drove to see new cities like Santa Barbara and San Diego and Laguna Beach. My life was all of the sudden beautiful and exciting just like I always dreamed of. 

There was however just one tiny thing that din't quite go as I planned... The dream job I wanted at THE company I wanted to work at didn't happen. I didn't have experience for the position and coupled with the fact that I randomly moved across the country made me a very risky hire. I got rejected at 3 similar companies for the position I wanted and my 1st choice company did not even respond to any of my pursuits of them. 

That day I found myself at Barnes&Noble with a decision to make: accept any job just to stay in California, my dream world, or go back to New York and try to get THE job I wanted at my 1st choice company. I was confused. To accept just any job did not seem like a dream come true, it seemed like a compromise, and not wanting to compromise on ANY part of my dream was exactly the reason I left New York. Alas, I was running out of my savings and paying a monthly apartment rent in LA was not going to be possible for much longer so I had to make a choice...

...To be continued!  

MOVE: Winter Forest

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Well it's not so winter magical since there is no snow, but still with it's own special wintery feel. Walking in the dunes to start of this Christmas weekend was just the right thing to do! 


Mystical black trees...

The usual suspects lined the road. I could't help thinking how yummy an organic burger would taste... Also because we watched "The Reverend" last night and that scene eating the raw buffalo inspired me. Then I thought about global warming. But I would rather eat delicious organic buffalo meat once a week (since it would be very expensive) then the regular mass produced meat. In any case we have switched over to organic meat a long while ago. 


My mind wonders... It's probably not very normal. 



CONNECT: Christmas Cheer

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Later today the whole extended family is coming over for a pre-Christmas togetherness. So this means cousins, aunties, grandmas and so on! I love a full house. Everyone is bringing something so we were not responsible for all the cooking. Lots of wine is cooling in the fridge! 


Speaking of the perfect Christmas, the only thing that's missing is snow! Special ocasions are very useful in gathering, but really you don't have to wait for them to see your friends and family. You can have a get together anytime. An ocasion can always be invented! 

SAVOR: Happy Friday!

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The art of savoring can be perfected everyday. There is no need to wait for a special occasion to do... well ANYTHING! Just carve out a moment and celebrate. Fine today happens to be a Friday, but if today was a Tuesday and I was having a little shot then the title would have been "happy Tuesday". 

So as the Dutch say: "Proost!"  

corenwijn dutch jenever