Oh the Adventures We've Had
and the New Ones We Hope You'll Join Us On!

*OTSP* Is A Collaboration Between Two Friends

We have always shared a love and curiosity for the world and as our lives evolved, so did the types of adventures we were seeking. Whether we’re experiencing them in the kitchen, home, or in foreign lands, we invite you!, our global *neighbor* to stop by, chat and let us in on  your traditions and perspectives. After all, anything in life can be attainable with creativity, gusto and inspiration from friends near and far! 

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Q & A


Why Blog?
To remind myself not to be lazy and to make things happen! Meet new interesting people, check new islands off my list, do stuff that will make my son say: “My mom is crazy!” And of course to have an excuse to talk to my BFF Mu every day.

Mu-Hsien is…?
My very genius partner in crime ever since we met on a school bus.

Where are you from?
I always have to pause when being asked where I’m from. I was born in Ukraine, but have lived in the US since I was eleven years old. Now, since 2007, I’m living out my “American Dream” in a Dutch coastal town in a house with an apple tree in the front yard.

What language(s) do you speak?
I speak, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Dutch (not too well) and English. However, due to this variety, I don’t speak any language properly!

Who do you live with?
My husband Vito who carried me off from NYC to his beautiful kingdom (The Netherlands). Darling Cosmo, or Mo, as he calls himself, who in Dutch tradition is platinum blond, loves trucks, tractors and eating kaas (cheese), and new baby Alvin, or Vin, who wants to emulate his big brother in all. 

What’s a relaxing weekend?
A: Definitely one packed back-to-back with activities!!! And I mean from 6am Saturday to 11.30pm Sunday!

Special talent(s)?
Well, I do martial arts, with one kick I can make you pee blood for a week... I know, how attractive and feminine. 

Chocolate or cheese?
Cheese! I don’t have one sweet tooth in my mouth. Except if it’s a dessert with maracuja. I could eat those all day long.


Why Blog?
To report on things that we naturally share with friends everyday to build up our relationships, make our money and time work harder for us, or inspire us to be creative in all that we do.

Alla is…?
My travel / where-should-we-open-up-a-B&B / friend-that-lives-in-my-phone who has been one of my biggest supporters…despite the whole living on different continents thing. Love you Google Hangout!

Where are you from?
OTSP! I pause too! Mainly because I’m not quite sure which “from” people are referring to. So I usually go backwards…I went to school in Chicago, grew up in Naperville, came to the states(Austin, TX) when I was 3, but born in Taiwan. My hubbie always tells me I should tell it the other way around. Why? Was that hard to follow?

What language(s) do you speak?
English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portugues and in that order. Note: there is a huge dropoff after Taiwanese.

Who do you live with?
Eric, my husband is a grounding force and a creative partner. Whether it’s our wedding ceremony, the house or new traditions, we examine and design everything in our lives from scratch to make it uniquely ours.

What’s a relaxing weekend?
Working out a new idea in the garden/yard. 

Special talent(s)?
Making vegetables sexy, bringing calm with my voice…

Chocolate or cheese?


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