SAVOR: 5 Ways To Ring In The New Year To Feel Like Youre Traveling

by Alla Feldman in

I love New Year's Eve. It's a magical moment when we get a chance to turn a brand new leaf, crisp, white, completely empty. We get a new chance to write our story anyway we want... Like Sarah Jessica Parker once said in an interview "In one year your life can change 180 degrees" about her success with "Sex and the city". 

Here are 5 ways to get into the right frame of mind to usher in a brand new year of possibilities: 

1. Water Ritual (NATURE)

Cleansing for the new year is centuries old tradition... In Russia for example it was popular to go to banya, steam away all the woes of the past year and get ready for the good things to come.  So go to a pool or sauna or simply in a nice hot bath. Mentally imagine yourself getting cleansed and ready for a brand new year.

2. Nature Walk (NATURE + MOVE)

our frosty walk yesterday...

our frosty walk yesterday...

Something about getting your circulation circulating to inpire yourself with new ideas for the next year.

3. Social Beat (CONNECT)

Just like church, where two or more are gathered there could be a party. There is nothing better then firing up the feelings of interconnectedness then witnessing an awe inspiring event together. (Clock striking 12.. awe inspiring don't you think?)

4. Awe Inspiring (All elements!)

If simple clock watching is not awe inspiring then do something that does get your heart pumping. Maybe a midnight hike to a mountain summit... Viewing northern lights, or a midnight swim... Awe inspiring sights relax us because there we are reminded that we are not the center of the universe. 

5. New Sensations (FLOW)

Try something brand new. Cook a dinner from a different culture. Wear something new. Get a new hairdo. Ring in the year experiencing something completely new.  

Now, for the overachievers among us... combine all FIVE!